OTB Talks to B&INTM’s Danielle Steven..

Sky Living’s annual hunt for the next Kate Moss began tonight as the eighth series of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model kicked off. We caught up with Danielle Steven, who was the first girl to get the elbow from Elle MacPherson..

Have you always been a fan of the show?
Not really if I’m honest. I actually had to watch them all on the internet.
So why did you choose to sign up?
I don’t know really. My friend said I should, the auditions were close to me and only a few weeks away so I thought why not?
Was the audition process tough?
I don’t know.. it was okay. They just asked a lot of questions but there were no catwalks or anything like that.
Who do you think the best looking girl on the show is?
Um… Lisa, she’s gorgeous. I got talking with her and got to know her quite well. She’s really lovely.
What did you think of the new judges, Tyson and Whitney?
I didn’t get to see them much, but they were both on my first photo shoot. I didn’t talk to Whitney much but Tyson was really nice.
Did they give you good advice?
Yeah, Tyson more so I think.
A lot of the girls didn’t get along with Madeleine. Why do you think that was?
*laughs* Well… I think she’s just a very strong character, but when you
You don’t think she has a game-plan then?
Oh no, not really. I think that she just puts up a front.
What did you get up to when you weren’t filming?
I don’t know… Not a lot to be honest, mostly we just sat around by the pool.
So what do you think was the main reason Elle decided to eliminate you over the others?
I really don’t know, I actually don’t have a clue. They didn’t tell me why.
How did you think your first photo shoot went?
Um, I don’t know really. I didn’t think about it too much but it probably could’ve gone better.
Were you surprised to go first?
Not really to be honest. All of the girls are gorgeous and probably have more experience than me so it wasn’t really a shock.
So you don’t think there was anyone that should have gone instead of you?
Who would you like to see win?
I think Letitia has a good shot. I think I would like Lisa to win.