OTB’s Best 10 Big Brother Housemates Ever

With Big Brother coming to an end this evening (barring one last hurrah in the form of Ultimate Big Brother), we decided to whittle away countless forgettable Big Brother contestants to give you the ten finest. We’ve chosen not to include Celebrity Big Brother stars, so the likes of Alex Reid, Vanessa Feltz and John McCririck (although all excellent) have been excluded. Special mention must also go to some truly memorable residents such as Helen and Paul, Craig, Channelle, Makosi, Anthony, Maxwell and Sandy (responsible for the greatest BB exit, peeing in the dustbin before hopping the fence) who also just missed out…

10. Ahmed – Series 5

Who can forget Ahmed’s famous meltdown in Series 5 of Big Brother. After an alarm was continuously played into the house, Ahmed stormed into the garden with a stack of china plates, smashing them against the walls and yelling, “I can’t take it anymore!â€? He then threw himself into a pile of cushions and howled.


9. Mikey – Series 9

Mikey was Big Brother‘s first ever blind housemate and managed to finish runner-up to Rachel Rice (who?). Mikey was a constant source of conflict and humour, from inappropriately donning female housemates’ thongs to telling jokes about his randy guide dog and trying to eat the world’s hottest chili.

8. Michelle – Series 5

Michelle was one quarter of the ‘Lip Gloss Bitches’ (along with Nadia, Marco and Emma). She is best remembered for walking around topless (even arguing with Ahmed while naked), watching the other housemates from the bedsit, fumbling around with Stuart in a love nest created from furniture and pillows and for her stirring rendition of Pie Jesu.

7. ‘The Jungle Cats’ – Series 5

So it might be a bit of a cop out to list two housemates as one entry, but legendary tag team Victor and Jason were the driving force behind Series 5’s reputation as possibly the best series ever. Straight talking Jason and Victor were heavily involved in the now infamous ‘fight night’, while Victor made some memorable Diary Room rants, not least “I already got the sniffles”.

6. Brian – Series 8

Brian Belo won the 8th series of Big Brother (which started with an all girl house before former ‘popstar’ Ziggy arrived in the house). Though he was about as smart as Carolewas hot (urgh!), Brian won over the British public with his unassuming charm and Jade Goody-esque knowledge.

5. Nadia – Series 5

Another housemate from Series 5 makes it onto our top ten list, this time it is eventual winner Nadia. Unbeknownst to her fellow housemates, Nadia was born a man. Victor described her as having a chin so large it could be seen from space, and she was at the center of ‘fight night’. Nadia frequently turned into a shrieking wreck if she didn’t get her nicotine fix. As you can see…

4. Brian Dowling – Series 2

Probably one of the most like-able housemates ever, quick-witted gay Irish air steward Brian won Series 2 beating off competition from dippy Helen.

3. Nasty Nick – Series 1

Would Big Brotherhave been as big a hit without the dastardly Nick Bateman? Probably not. He told housemates his wife had died in a car crash (which was a lie) and attempted to influence voting by writing down contestants’ names on pieces of paper. Nick was kicked out of the house and became a figure of national hatred.

2. Nikki Grahame – Series 7

Nikki was prone to erratic temper tantrums, and her diary room hysterics became the stuff of legend. She pined after eventual winner Pete, and even re-enetered the house after being evicted. Nikki was best known for rants regarding the air conditioning, an MP3 player and fellow contestant Susie, on whom she remarked, “Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her?”

1. Jade Goody – Series 3

Who else could be our number one? Jade was the most successful Big Brother contestant (despite not winning the show), even returning in an ill-fated appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. Her success established Big Brotheras a sure fire route to (five minutes of) fame and fortune. She was most memorable for her lack of general knowledge, which included saying: “Rio De Janeiro – ain’t that a person?”, “Am I minging?” and “East Angular? That’s abroad!”.