OTB’s Favourite Britain’s Got Talent Auditions

As another season of Britain’s Got Talent starts up again we thought we’d reminisce about our favourite auditions from past series.

We sifted through tonnes of footage of dancing dogs, singers, magicians, mimes and drag queens to find some fond favourites and whether they’re good or bad, you’ve got to give them credit for trying.

Take a look at our BGT flashback and let us know what you think – drop a comment down below.


You might not remember Donald but we couldn’t not include him in this list. He was an utterly clueless singer whose voices not only sounded like cats were drowning but those cats then died, came back to life as zombies and sought their revenge through song.

He was bloody awful so, of course, Piers Morgan said yes. Check out this clip and see if you can figure out if Piers just does this stuff to get on Simon’s nerves.


You remember that scene from The Wedding Singer where the old lady does a rap? Well that just what 70 year old Norma did when she went gangsta on BGT’s ass.

Norma rapped her little heart out and made it through to the second round. Check out the clip to see her in action – word.


The judges weren’t impressed by this balloon-wearing weirdo but we were fascinated by his ability to crawl into a giant red balloon and jump around. Our own attempts in OTB towers did not have as impressive results.

Utterly silly and immature but we still giggle when he breaks into the Oompa Loompa dance. Check out the video and see if he tickles your funnybone.


Simon and Piers weren’t too impressed when three farmers walked onto the stage with wheelbarrows but they quickly took back their Xs when the guys went into their dance routine. We were so fascinated by the boys’ performance that after a lot of tequila and a £50 bet, we managed to persuade our greengrocer to attempt the same thing. It did not yield the same result.

The Barrow Boys – Wheelbarrowing Farmers – Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 7 HQClick here for more amazing videos


One of the biggest dance groups to appear on BGT were the scarily painted face of the MD Showgroup who busted a move and stole the judges’ hearts.

Their energy and detemination not only made them look like they were doing the Monster Mash but also got them to the first semi-final round.


As we all know, cheeky chappy George Sampson is a great little mover and after being unsuccessful the year before, George came back fighting.

After he wowed the judges with his street dance style he went on to win season two. Look at his little face; he’s so cute we just want to put him in our pocket.


Who could forget the face on little Shaheen Jaffacake when Simon stopped him singing Valerie and changed to Michael Jackson’s Who’s Loving You? He was the little boy with the big voice who’s since been travelling around the world meeting famous people – he even met the ‘Big O’ herself, Oprah Winfrey.

Britain’s Got Talent Week 2: Shaheen JafargholiWatch a funny movie here


The first time Essex-based dance group Diversity performed they blew the whole crowd away and left the judges stunned. That first audition was something special and of course lead them on the right path to winning the competition.

We just love their cheeky combination of humour and dance – check out the video to see their first performance. On a related note, we really want hair like the kid with the glasses.

Diversity dance crew – Britains Got Talent 2009 – Audition
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Michael Jackson popped up a lot during the BGT auditions with every Tom, Dick and Harry thinking that they could impersonate him. But Signature took Jacko’s music in a different direction when they added a bhangra beat to it and had a kind of dance-off.

Funny, entertaining and a bit of a precursor to the genius that is Stavros Flatley.


Speaking of Greek duo, here they are. Demitri and Legi are the father and son dancing team that surprised the judges with their Greek/Irish routine and have since become highly sought after entertainers.

Take a look at the first time they took to the stage.