Apprentice Contestants Say The Funniest Things: Meet This Year’s Hopefuls

This year’s Apprentice contestants have been unveiled and unsurprisingly, they have plenty to say for themselves. Check out our spoiler free review of episode one HERE..


A 26 year-old fast-food marketing entrepreneur who claims to be from Leeds, but has an accent like he was born on at the Henley Regatta.

Says things like: “I don’t like your gimmicky salesman who says he can sell ice to an eskimo. The chances are he can’t, and why would an eskimo want ice anyway?” Indeed..

This sweaty chap (just wait..) is an Estate Agent Manager from London. He started off making tea at an estate agent and ended up running that estate agent…

Says things like: “Fear is a great motivator. If you are successful, you are unpopular, so unpopularity is a good thing..”

This 23 year-old entrepreneur of creative arts (no, us neither..) started work as a children’s entertainer before setting up her own company specialising in developing the career’s of actors..

Says things like: “Lord Sugar will probably find it difficult to ever say anything negative to me because I always turn it round to a positive”

36 year-old Edna specialises in business psychology but despite her qualifications she seems to find listening to other people just as difficult as her fellow contestants.

Says things like: “Weak people in business are a waste of space and a limp handshake is unforgivable”

Born in Shanghai, this 21 year-old Natural Skincare Entrepreneur arrived in the UK speaking no English at the age of 13 but managed to score herself a degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics..

Says things like: “I’m short, sweet and smiley but when I do business, I mean business.”

Stockport born workaholic Helen enjoys doing extra work in her free time and seeing how long she can go without sleep. She studied law at University and is the Greggs CEO’s PA. Sorry Executive Assistant..

Says things like: “I see my job as my complete life. I work 24/7. There isn’t a cut off.”

Gollum lookalike Glenn comes from Hertfordshire and claims that he took apart and rebuilt a computer at the tender age of eight. Whether or not it still worked is unconfirmed..

Says things like: “Aggression isn’t the best form of strength … I bring a marriage of technical thinking with a bit of salesman bravado”

Natasha gained just five GCSEs – which probably explains why she went on to study International Hospitality Management or ‘Hostelling’ at university. Maybe that’s where she learned to operate light switches with such dexterity..

Says things like: “I’m like a really fine tuned switch. If I need to turn it down then I turn it down. If I need to turn it up, then I turn it up.”

Unbelievably, 26 year-old Zoe bought her first house with her sister at the age of 12. Presumably they had some help and didn’t do it all off the back of their paper-rounds..

Says things like: “I will do whatever it takes to win.” No wonder Lord Sugar is smiling..

After getting over her shock at the prices of stuff in London (admittedly many of us are still in that boat) Yorkshire lass Ellie once chased a burglar out of her house..

Says things like: “I don’t like lazy people … dole dossers that don’t want to work. I don’t like posh kids who have everything on a plate”

Self-confessed perfectionist and ladies’ man, Vinny describes himself as a pedigree. Quite ironic then that he looks a bit like a dachshund..

Says things like: “My positive approach and very good looks make me stand out from the crowd.”

Former all-Ireland cycling champion, Jim started working in his old man’s Fish & Chip shop at the age of nine.

Says things like: “I’m not a show pony, or a one-tricky pony. I’m not a jack-ass or a stubborn mule, and I’m definitely not a wild stallion that needs to be tamed. I am the champion thoroughbred that this process requires”

The 25 year-old accountant who recently learned the phrase “Roll with the punches” describes himself as honest, strong and direct. Let’s see how Lord Sugar describes him..

Says things like: “I’m the wheeler dealer who accidentally became a finance professional and wants out”

This 31 year-old inventor’s first job was working on a farm sorting agricultural bulbs from mud. Cites Thomas Edison as an icon. Is a bit of a geek..

Says things like: “For me The Apprentice is a bit like the Olympics or the World Cup for entrepreneurs … I want to challenge myself, find out if I am ready to step up to this level.”

Looks like a good bet as he isn’t a complete idiot. Mind you we said that about Phil a couple of years ago and then he did the pants dance..

Says things like: “I want to be a big name in UK business … I’m everything. I’m all mouth. I’m a doer. I’m a leader.”