Rip Off Britain: Holidays

Rip Off Britain

Now then, now then, we’ll have no rip offs here – we’ve taken back control after all!

How can it be that with salary growth stagnant and uncertainty about our trading and border controls with the EU, that travel companies are not bending over backwards to entice us spend with them? The answer is, they are – but with deals that are good for them and not for the average consumer.

Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville returned with Rip Off Britain: Holidays investigating viewers’ travel and holiday disasters, with tips to keep your next trip on track, and on budget!

I’ve been on a few flights with disruptive passengers – none fuelled by alcohol I might add, though this is an increasing problem through the summer months, so I was particularly interested in the feature about how airlines are combatting air rage and disruptiveness. It wasn’t wholly reassuring as part of the suggested package of measures is to employ bouncers.

So after checking in, passing through rigorous security control, the ultimate arbiter of whether or not you get a peaceful flight is big Dave. 

Find out the surprising explanation for why a hotel sold as ‘adults-only’ could still be full of children, while travel expert Simon Calder reveals the island paradise that needn’t break the bank, and the booking mix-ups that left one single traveller wary of travelling alone again.

Rip Off Britain: Holidays Wednesday 9.00pm BBC One