Russell T. Davies Talks Torchwood

While we’ve been getting our geeky fill of Stephen Moffat’s fantastic Sherlock, our cult TV calendar is eagerly awaiting the return of two shows: Doctor Who and Torchwood.

While we can pretty much expect ‘more of the same only different’ from Doctor Who, Torchwood will be returning with a bang. The last time we saw Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and surviving teammates Gwen and Rhys (Eve Myles and Kai Owen), everyone else was dead and the team’s HQ had been blown to smithereens.

The new series will be called Torchwood: New World and will be a co-production between BBC Wales and US cable channel Starz, so we’ll get to see the team bouncing around locations.

Russell T. Davies had previously told SFX magazine that the show will very dark, saying that, “This story is also very dark. I think with [Children of Earth], Torchwood found its feet.” But Davies also told reporters at a recent press conference that, despite it’s darkness, the show won’t lose it’s humour. “I sit there in the editing room saying, ‘Don’t cut that joke! Cut the plot, cut the murder, cut the story, but don’t cut the joke’. It will always be a cheeky show.”

I love a joke. And it’s — you look at the iconography of the series. You have the poster outside, which is — it’s John Barrowman as Captain Jack standing in a World War II coat. There’s a size and a sense of fun to that. You’ve got a bisexual hero being played by an openly gay man in a modern-day thriller set — that’s got to have fun, doesn’t it? It’s already fun.

Thank God for that. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the serious tone of Torchwood: Children of Earth but the show’s saucy humour is a key element to the show’s sustained success. The new series will take place two years from the final episode of Children… and in the same conference, which you can read all about at, Davies revealed some plot details.

With regard to new characters, Davies described a new US character called Rex Matheson who’s a CIA agent. With Torchwood being essentially disbanded by the time the story starts, Captain Jack and the team are just a legend to Rex who begins investigating.

You can start a brand-new story this way, in the way that Mulder’s X-Files had been sitting there as a mystery and a legend to be uncovered before the series even started. So Rex is drawn into this, has no choice but to be drawn into this through complications that you will see in the story.

Also, he’s at the CIA. We also have a watch analyst at the CIA called Esther, who is not friends with Rex, but works with a colleague of Rex’s. The two of them become embroiled in the Torchwood legend and investigate what Torchwood is or was and then find themselves on the run from that moment onwards and having to decide — having to meet Captain Jack and Gwen, decide whether they’re friends, whether they’re enemies, a decision that takes a long time to be decided.

That’s part of the ten episodes, is the two teams coming together. Is that a new Torchwood team, or is the CIA in charge, or are they friends? Are they enemies? There’s a lot of sparks, a lot of excitement.