Show Me The Funny: OTB Talks To Cole Parker

Cole Parker became the third stand-up comedian to get voted out on Show Me The Funny tonight, after failing to get down with the kids.

Things didn’t seem to go as you’d planned in this evening’s’s episode, what happened?
Well, obviously what they showed didn’t look very good.

Erm.. not really, where do you think it went wrong?
[Laughs] In the editing room. You do six minutes of stand up and they only show one minute. But I still enjoyed it, especially the energy you get off the kids.

You had been in the bottom two in previous episodes and the judges had seen you as a quite confrontational character. Was that part of your act?
Well part of it is part of the act. Obviously in the second episode when I was at the army barracks I had to be a bit ‘Rah’ because I walking out in front of 250 drunken squaddies. They had drunk the amount of booze that was meant to be 2,000 people not 250. So I walk out to a room full of people that hated me, with a shaky start and moody heckler. But they still seemed to enjoy it. You have to pull it round. But of course the judges aren’t looking for confrontation and so they probably want something a bit safer, because they’re trying to entertain as many people as possible. So it was probably the right decision.

Returning to tonight’s episode. Kate’s comments were pretty strong. What are your thoughts on her?
Well I’m not going to pass anything back. She called me a name, I called her one. But I think it’s more about her and how someone can do that on television. She knows the facts about comedy and she knows that you can’t be booked consistently for 11 years if you’re consistently shit, that just doesn’t take place. They just don’t give free money out to people. But it was nice to see Ross Noble stick up for me. They probably didn’t show me sniping at her the moment before [Laughs]. I do mind what she said, but there is nothing I can do about it. I’ve called enough people names in my time, so maybe I should just take this on the chin.

Despite her comments, are you going to continue doing comedy?
I’m not going to stop doing comedy because Cruella De Vil called me a name. I’ll soldier on. I’ve been doing this for years up and down the country, I just can’t stop. Also I know what happened on the night and so do the other contestants and I have complete confidence in my abilities. You can go to any top comedians show and find a bit in the act that doesn’t connect, but it doesn’t matter.

What did you learn from the experience?
Emotionally it was great fun, and a lot and it was a great show. What was the most fun was not the stand-up but the stuff that happened on camera. The people were lovely to work with. There was some lovely stuff that went on. That’s for the best of at Christmas.

Who do you think deserves to win?
Pat. He has to.