Show Me The Funny: OTB Talks To Prince Abdi

The London stand-up with a penchant for dodgy accents was the second person to be booted off Show Me The Funny tonight. “You do remember last week we told you that you were appalling at accents other than your own?” Asked sharp-tongued judge Kate Copstick. “Well a bit of crap is still too much crap in five minutes!â€? Sound advice for anyone..

In the episode you said you thought it was quite a harsh decision to put you in the bottom two. Did you think you were going to survive?
Yeah I didn’t think I was going to be in the last two, but at the same time I never felt safe…

You said you thought it was an improvement on last week..
I thought I was getting to grips with the whole format of writing new material and getting my confidence back. Obviously they didn’t show the whole set, just a fraction of it and I had some jokes that really worked well but they weren’t on there – that’s why I felt it was a little bit harsh. If I’d been able to stay then I think you’d have seen a big improvement week on week, because I was just getting confidence back after the week before. Also I wasn’t expecting to be on first – which didn’t help..

What gags did they leave out of the final edit?
I’m not saying that I stormed the gig – it was a very difficult gig, but there were some decent gags in there. I can’t remember what they were now.. (laughs)

Are you going to stick with comedy?
Of course! I’m not going to stop! It was a huge opportunity but it’s not the end of the world. I love doing stand-up and I love doing it live. I’ll be doing a few festivals later this year, so things are looking okay..

Will you be laying off the accents in the future?
Definitely not…

I only ask because they seem to be quite a large part of your act and they didn’t work out too well for you..
I can actually do accents very well if I’m in the zone and comfortable on stage. In Liverpool that was (laughs) that was different..

So what’s your best accent then..
(Adopts Cockney accent) I don’t know mate, maybe cockerney?

But aren’t you from London anyway?
Haha.. Yeah but I do loads of different accents, I’m happy to give any a go..

Your nerves really seemed to get the better of you. Is that something you’ll be looking to improve on?
We were all nervous. I wasn’t the only person out there with nerves. The camera’s weren’t on us enough to show us how nervous some of us were! It just came across that sometimes I seemed very nervous, although I think others were worse than me. But it’s something that every comedian has to deal with, depending on how big the gig is and the situation, that’s when it gets really hard though. We were all out of our comfort zone so it wasn’t easy..

So who’s your money on to win the whole thing?
There all very good and they’re all doing new material – it could be anyone. I mean I thought it was going to be me! But I think.. probably.. Patrick. He’s a bit cheeky, I think he’ll win, but that’s just my opinion..