Skins Series One – All Grown Up


Remember Skins? It was that edgy teen drama from a few years back that riled up Daily Mail readers by showing teenagers taking drugs and having sex with each other. Once the original characters had somehow survived their college years and shipped off to Uni, they got replaced with an identikit cast of Holden Caulfields and everyone stopped watching.

The world post-Skins is very different to how it was when the gang went into college. Everyone knows now that The Inbetweeners is the most accurate TV representation of the lives of British teenagers – in a world where people consider a ‘troubled teen’ to be someone who shouts “bus wankersâ€? at people in the street, Tony and his mates seem pretty wayward.

As Skins taught us, your last two years of school are the most important in your entire life – so, now that Tony and the gang have all left Uni and are officially ‘grown-ups’, what on earth are they doing with themselves?



Pointy-faced Tony somehow managed to survive being fathered by Hugh Grant and spending 2 years with a circle of friends made up of debauched psychopaths, so there’s no reason why he shouldn’t make a roaring success of himself in the ‘real world’.

Ending up as a suit-clad City Boy after Uni, he’s found it easy to navigate his way through the corridors of power. He’s cool, confident, and clearly has numerous personality disorders bubbling barely below the surface. Also, he already has a high tolerance for coke, so he’s made for finance.



Maxxie was a great character. One of the few of the gang who wasn’t totally maladjusted or an annoying little brat, you could tell that he was going to go far after moving to London at the end of Series 2.

He pursues his interest in dance, and his natural talent sees him through to success, becoming part of a small company. Him and Tony occasionally see each other around but Tony’s mates make too many gay jokes. Him and James get married. D’awwww, isn’t that nice?


Cassie and Sid

The Manhattan reunion of Cassie and Sid in the climactic final scenes of the first generation seemed unlikely to end in happiness for either of them. Cassie is a mentally ill diner waitress and Sid is just some whiny kid with a penchant for beanies – New York seems like the last place they’d be able to survive in on their own.

Fortunately though, the diner had a vacancy for a line cook, and Sid got the job. So begins the first series of the Frasier-esque spinoff show ‘Skins in the City’, featuring the zany friends the happy couple meet in the Big Apple and their adorable British misunderstandings of Americanisms. (9PM Comedy Central)



There is a hint in Series 3 that Cook met Anwar busking in the street, meaning his big move to London was a total failure and he’s had to go back to Bristol. However, rather than spending the rest of his life on the breadline in Bristol, any cinema-goer will tell you that Anwar moved to India, won ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and helped popularise Bollywood cinema amongst Western audiences. Fair play to the guy.



Still dead.