Sold? Tetley Tea Folk Return

Remember Gaffer, Sydney, Archie and Clarence? No us neither.

It’s amazing how quickly the Tetley Tea Folk have faded from memory despite being on telly for 28 years. In 2001 Tetley ditched the flat-capped, proper-northern cartoon creations for ads that focused on the health benefits of a regular cuppa. Now, due to a complete absence of any better ideas, the Tea Folk are back with a new commercial.

It opens with some poor intern doing what interns generally do, that is making tray-fulls of tea. Our newbie is debilitatingly nervous or drugged up or something because that tray’s rattling like a pigeon in a snare drum. But after negotiating a door and the guy fixing the photocopier it’s the office’s smiley blonde bicycle that causes the young lad’s downful: her dumb, vacant smile beckoning him to tread on some tip ex and take a tumble sending the teacups smashing against a wall.

If ever there’s some blaming and claiming to be done it’s right there. Okay so it’s not quite as good a fall as that National Accident Helpline woman who slips on the puddle of urine, causing her handbag to explode with pens – but it’s not bad. Lets hope he broke some bones – there could be a generous payout coming. Not bad for your first day young intern.

I’m not sure of his milk to water ratios but that tea was one strong brew. After smashing against the wall the tea runs down through the floor, round some bends, drips through a tiny hole, never changing colour, never slowing until Bam! Just like the cop who discovered the Fritzl kids we make a shocking discovery. Here, in basement of some office tower, locked in a dusty cupboard – it’s only the ruddy Tea Folk!

So far, so dull and that’s where the ad ends. No doubt we’re meant to eagerly anticipate what’s next for these cartoons pulled nine years ago because everyone got bored of them. Awakened by the special brew Tea Folk Tina exclaims: “Chuffing hell where are we”. Sadly Tina, we couldn’t give a chuff.