Sold?: The Highest Five Ever? Halifax Fail…

What with Jools and her (poo?) stained toast and the (mentally ill?) people sporadically high fiving at random intervals, you would be forgiven for believing that the message of this Halifax ad is that if you work for – or are the customer of – Halifax…you are, most probably, a t*at.

Subsequently, this advert is about as annoying as they come. We begin with some chubby ‘Halifax Breakfast News DJ’ getting pissy with Jools (his co-DJ) for saying ‘Hi’ to all the listeners. (Bit of an over the top reaction, surely?) Old know-it-all reckons Jools should say ‘high five’ to them instead. Right… Then old grumps whacks on some Spandau Ballet and we see various lunatics around the country – or are they Halifax customers? – high fiving whilst kneading bread/waiting at the bus stop.

Sure enough, it doesn’t take long for some joker in the Halifax office to call up the Halifax radio station, pretending he’s an excited listener and claiming that he is going to carry out “the highest five everâ€? in a dodgy (Russian?) accent. Obviously there are a number of questions which need to be raised following this occurrence. Firstly, has this bloke not learnt from the ITV phone scandal? Surely putting a bin over your head and blatantly lying to customers about being a genuine caller (and then broadcasting it) is just gonna piss people off? Secondly, what the hell is the “highest five everâ€? anyway? Surely all fives are of equal value….that being, um, five?

After these antics, the original bossy boots retrieves the handy, fake arm he keeps by his desk and high fives Jools. Jools, sensibly, decides to use her real hand. After his earlier, narky behaviour, I reckon she should tell him where to stick it.