“Stephen Forced Me Out”, Latest Apprentice Evictee Speaks

Jenna made a premature exit from The Apprentice last night thanks to some shrewd boardroom trickery by Stephen (and a truly dire video advert for English sparkling wine).

Speaking to Digital Spy, the sackee spilled all about the man who has already been described as a Machiavellian mastermind by previous eliminee Katy Wright.

“I was quite surprised in the boardroom with Stephen. In one breath he changes from saying, ‘I worked with Jenna on the video’ to ‘it was Jenna’s idea’. He’s a nice guy. Other candidates haven’t got on with him, but I did.

“His problem is that if he doesn’t like your idea, he will let you know about it. But on that video he was very giddy about it initially. Stephen just made the most of the fact that I was the sub-team leader. If Stephen had been the sub-team leader, I’d still be in the show.”

The 25-year-old beauty salon owner went on to suggest that the only reason she was booted out over Stephen was his promise to win the task next week – come what may.

“Because he said that, I was next in line and had to go.”

Fear not Jenna, we viewers are all praying that Stephen stuffs up royally when presented with next week’s task which involves a Groupon style discount business.

Staying true to previous evictees’ top picks for a series win, the Lancashire lass identified Tom, Nick and Gabrielle as her favourites to bag the partnership with Lord Sugar.

“Nick and Gabrielle I enjoyed working with the most. When we worked together we created results.

“Tom as well – I didn’t really work with him, but when I was in the boardroom I could see he was making good points. He’s a very clever lad for 23. Tom, Nick and Gabrielle are my favourites.”

The show will continue next week at 9pm on BBC One, when the seven remaining candidates will be faced with bartering for the best deals on a number of top London activities.

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