Suranne Jones talks DC Bailey

Scott and Bailey

How is Rachel at the beginning of the series?
“Rachel has no ring on her finger, Sean is out of the picture completely. She is in a good place personally and professionally, I think she is ready for a new challenge.”

She is sitting her Sergeant’s exam – is she ready? 
“Yes I think she is. She is certainly the most ready she has ever been. She has grown up a lot over the last few years and although you will still find her asleep next to an empty bowl of Weetabix and glass of red wine she appears to be much more focused on her career.”

Rob has been promoted would Rachel relish the opportunity to take his role?
“Most definitely. She loves her job and working with the group of people she works with, so to be promoted and not to have to move would be ideal for her. She also really respects Gill. Gill has in the past put her own reputation on the line for Rachel and I think she would absolutely relish the opportunity to prove to her what a great Sergeant she could be.”

The audience will see Gill has to make the decision who replaces Rob. If Rachel knew this how do you think she would feel?
“I think she would feel that Gill would choose Janet to replace Rob. I think she would think Gill would see Janet as the safe choice. Plus Gill and Janet have always been much closer than her and Gill, they have a long-standing friendship.”

How are things between Rachel and Janet after their fall out in series 3?
“There has been a slight shift in their friendship. A few episodes into the series we see they have both been keeping secrets from each that will test their friendship once again. But Rachel and Janet are still very close. There is a great scene when they both declare they want Rob’s job of Sergeant in Syndicate 9 and they just accept it and move on.”

Series 4, how does it feel to return to the character?
“I feel very blessed to be able to go off and try different things in my career and then come back to the same job and step back into Rachel’s brogues. The cast and crew of Scott & Bailey are really like a big family and I love working in the Manchester area as I get the extra bonus of seeing my friends and family, which is wonderful.

Rachel has a new romance in this series can you tease this for us?
“In the first few episodes the audience won’t be aware that Rachel has a new man in her life but it becomes apparent in episode 4.  She has kept him a secret from everyone including Janet so it is a bit of a shock to everyone when they find out. In typical Rachel style everything isn’t straightforward but this new man certainly makes her happy and they could be really good together.”