The 10 Worst X Factor Contestants. Ever

X Factor provides a great opportunity for talented unknowns to showcase their singing abilities in front of thousands in the hope of gaining a record contract and getting mega-rich in the process. It also provides a great opportunity for the audience to see talentless unknowns make complete idiots out of themselves. We’ve all seen the kind of musical hari kari that goes on during auditions, but this list is dedicated to the talentless individuals who actually made it on to the live-shows. Enjoy. Probably not in fact..

10. Scott Bruton – 2008
Scott was really the victim of a poor song choice by mentor Simon Cowell, but regardless his rendition of Georgie Fame’s “Yeh Yehâ€? exists as one of the most awkward X Factor performances ever. Scott tended to talk more than sing and what with X Factor being a singing competition and all, he didn’t go far. Currently, he is starring in the musical Dreamboats and Petticoats. Watch the following to see Simon Cowell crush yet another young person’s dream.

9. Same Difference – 2007
Possibly X Factor’s creepiest contestants to date, Same Difference featured an oddly familiar brother and sister duo. The siblings, Sean and Sarah Smith had enthusiasm and grins that seemed more suited for a religious cult than the music industry and their performances regularly featured extensive pantomime. Since X Factor they have released several singles and performed live though they have been unable to tour extensively and their debut album sold poorly. Surely there will be more to come from Same Difference, it’s impossible to picture those two ever getting discouraged.

8. Jonjo Kerr – 2011
This series first finalist to be eliminated is an infantry soldier formerly on duty in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, his performances lacked singing range and the judges felt that he didn’t have enough stage presence. Before his performance for the judges’ houses stage, he claimed that if he made it to the live shows, 112 of his army buddies would tattoo “vote for Jonjoâ€? on their bums. Hopefully, they were just trying to give him a little encouragement and didn’t follow through..

7. Bad Lashes – 2008
When the group declared “we’re going to sing ‘Wonderwall’ by Ryan Adamsâ€?, their X Factor chances were pretty much over before they started. They didn’t do a very good job singing the song either. Bad Lashes had a hard time harmonizing with each other, not a quality you look for in a singing group, and their performance is riddled with missed notes. They actually released this cover as a single in 2009.

Oh, you didn’t know that? Neither does anyone else.

6. Chico – 2005
Chico Slimani wasn’t just a pretty lousy singer. He created one of the most despicable personas in reality TV history. Routinely, he would attempt to distract viewers from his voice by taking his clothes off, winking, or making other creepy motions to the camera. Since his time on X Factor, he has recorded a number one hit entitled “It’s Chico Timeâ€?, toured the country along with a live band and dancers (entitled “The Chico Experienceâ€?) and he has appeared on several more reality shows. Chico knows how to stretch that fifteen minutes as well as anyone.

5. Addictiv Ladies – 2005
In 2005, X Factor introduced the world to the singing group Addictiv Ladies. The world promptly forgot about them. Less Spice Girls than college students at a karaoke bar, the group was the first to leave the live round. Since the show, they have split up and taken the hint that music might not be their calling.

4. Nicolo Festa – 2010
X Factor’s series seven diva Nicolo Festa definitely did not lack confidence. Unfortunately along with that confidence came inherent pitch problems and he was the first finalist eliminated. Despite his claim during the judges’ houses stage that his fame was inevitable, his music career has yet to really take off. In 2011 he began to collaborate with Aztec Records and continues to pursue music.

3. Eoghan Quigg – 2009
How Eoghan made it to the finals will forever remain a mystery. There is quite literally nothing interesting about this kid and his performances were as bland as white bread. Somehow, after leaving X Factor he managed to score a record deal with RCA, probably under the theory that he’d be popular among the under-15 crowd. His debut album did poorly and he is currently unsigned. Check out one of his performances that was so bland, you won’t be sure you watched anything at all.

2. Wagner – 2010
Say what you will about Wagner Carrilho, you can’t deny the man’s genius. He managed to get to the eighth week of the show in series seven without being able to sing, move or even speak very well. The former P.E. teacher would usually sing multiple songs in each performance so that he could butcher as many classics as possible. After his stint on X Factor, Wagner lost his incapacity benefits (due to his dynamic movements onstage) but has managed to find a few paying gigs. After watching this you’ll have to agree that the guy certainly has range.

1. Jedward – 2009
The most famously bad contestants to ever reach the finals of X Factor, these twins weren’t just talentless contestants, they were a talentless phenomenon. They couldn’t sing, they couldn’t dance and they couldn’t keep from being the most annoying twins to ever live. Somehow, they turned this lack of appeal into a Jedward empire which includes national touring, a stint on Celebrity Big Brother and even a number two song on the UK Singles Chart. John and Edward take the top spot thanks to the ridiculous success they’ve found after the show.

Watch this clip and try not to get depressed in the knowledge that these two are more rich and famous than you’ll ever be.