The Apprentice: We Talk To Shibby

As the latest wannabe businessman to depart from The Apprentice, we caught up with Dr. Shibby Robati to chat about his firing, why he feels he probably deserved to go and the drunken fumblings in contestants house…

How are you?
Yeah I’m alright. A bit like Tower Bridge, up and down, up and down.

Have you seen tonight’s show just yet? What did you think?
Well you know, you’re always going to be gutted to go out, but to be honest when you put yourself forward as project manager it’s what you expect if you lose.

Do you think it was you being project manager that meant you got fired? Do you think you were more accountable for the groups failure?
I set out to be accountable. We did really well, we made more than £800 profit, but you know, I did make a couple of big mistakes which I take responsibilty for, most notably not fulfilling the orders and paying the compensation.

Are you talking about turning up with only 16 baguettes?
Yeah, I know we were 984 bread rolls short, but we made a conscious decision in the factory that there was no way we were going to make 1000 bread rolls, and should concentrate on making the muffins. That was where we were going to make most of our money.

Do you think you deserved to be fired?
The thing is, I completely understand where Sir Alan was coming from. I was a soft hand on the group, we didn’t fulfil the order. There was room for Lord Sugar to fire Sandeesh if he wanted to, but you know, you’ve got to take it on the chin haven’t you?

Do you think it was fair though, do you think you deserved to go?
*pause*… Yes.

My next question was going to be, who should have gone if not you…
You see that’s an interesting question. I do feel that Sandeesh could have gone and there was cause for that, but when you put yourself forward for project manager you’ve got to take responsibility. If you win you take the credit, if you lose, you’re going out the door.

Worst part of The Apprentice process?
The most obvious thing is getting fired, but probably the worst part was selling those sausages; No sleep for about 30 hours, you’re tired, you’re rattled, you’ve got a Nazi ordering you about…

And the best part?
Winning the task in week two and getting to have a nice day out playing golf, and chilling out with the other lads.

Who did you get along with out of the other contestants?
I got on with everyone but got on best with Christopher Farrel and Christopher Bates.

Who did you not get along with the worst?
Sandeesh probably…

Was that purely a task-based thing?
No. Even in the house she just didn’t want to try and get to know anyone. She had her good friend Liz, and then kept herself to herself. As I’ve said, she looks good from afar, but she’s far from good.

What is life like in the house?
In our room, it was me, Chris Farrel, Chris Bates and Stuart Baggs, so yeah, most of time we were taking the piss out of Stuart, and that made it interesting. We always had fun and a giggle, it was good banter.

Did you get much partying done in the house? Any Apprentice romances this year?
People did drink, but they realised they had work the next day so you’d never get too drunk. No one wants a hangover at work. As for romance? No not really.

Not really? Are we talking maybe a few fumbles?
Errrmm… There was… eerrmmm….. No. To be honest, it’s not for me to say.

So how is the week structured?
We had one day off after week one, but after that it was no days off. It was work continuously, solidly.

What have you been up to since leaving the show?
Since the show I have been sorting out a couple of businesses that I run, making sure that’s all ticking like clockwork. And I’ve been fortunate enough to be headhunted by a couple of well-known big medical companies, so we’ll see how that goes with regards to a job in the medical sector.

What’s next for you?
Hopefully working for some corporations as I said, maybe something fun. I do some impersonations.

Can you do one down the phone? I’ll try and guess who it is.
*In deeper voice* There’s absolutely nothing mediocre about me.

Errmmm… is that Stuart?
F*cking hell no! *reverts back to deep voice* To be honest that actually was piss poor.

I’m really sorry, I don’t know.
It was Chris Bates…

Sorry mate. And with that our interview is over. Thanks for your time Shibby, you’re a top bloke! In regards to becoming an impersonator, I’d say stick with the surgery though…