The Big C Trailer: Cancer Comedy

OTB once got itself in a lot of trouble for writing the note: “Customer has the big C” on a call-centre mortgage account, but it seems that such phrases are fine in tellyland! Indeed if you’re show is popular with the Radio Times, it’s unlikely to be breaking any major television boundaries any time soon (the publication ignored The Inbetweeners for as long as possible..) However despite the slightly risque subject matter and the fact that it’s showing on a rival channel (RT is owned by the BBC) the publication has been raving about Showtime’s The Big C for a couple of weeks now. The premise may sound rather bleak – Laura Linney stars as an uptight school-teacher who discovers that she has an advanced melanoma – but the pilot was the most successful premier for eight years on the network and has already been confirmed for a second series. It kicks-off in the UK on Thursday on More4…