The Girl’s Guide To TV Boyfriends

Ideal Tv Boyfriend

We women are complex, but our list for the perfect boyfriend is simple: do whatever we say.

Being cute helps too of course.

Matthew Crawley -€“ Downton Abbey
Dashing, rich, gorgeous eyes, lovely smile, and blonde: Matthew is all you would want in a man. He’s such an excellent boyfriend he gets into rather a muddle trying to be an honourable suitor to two different women at once. Perhaps only Downtonites will understand that this actually isn’€™t sleazy.

He gets major boyfriend points for saving the in-law’€™s fortune, for being all manly fighting in World War 1, and for maintaining the lovely but extremely high-maintenance Mary. I may have to take this title away from Matthew if Dan Stevens does indeed leave in series 4 -€“ don’€™t do it Dan!

Ted Mosby -€“ How I Met Your Mother
Ted is that rare and wonderful thing: a cute guy that actually wants to be in a relationship. Really, REALLY wants to be in a relationship. But poor T Mos never seems to be able to hold down a girl as his sickening sweetness has girls unable to hold on to their lunch and running a mile.

However, to all those who are watching Ted tell his abnormally long story, he’€™s a total cutie pie that will always have you saying “aww, I’€™ll go out with you Ted€”.

Eric Northman – True Blood
Stone cold fox. Literally. The cold part, not the fox part. Well there had to be a vampire on this list somewhere! He’€™s the gorgeous bad boy with a heart (though it’s not beating) that all we girls want.

He’€™s always saving Sookie in one way or another and he has that element of danger that makes things ever so exciting. He is also apparently very talented in the bedroom, as True Blood, thankfully, continues to demonstrate to us in abundance.

Seth Cohen -€“ The OC
Geek chic takes on new meaning in Seth Cohen. While the show focused on brooding Ryan and his many many issues, I was focusing on cutie pie Seth. He made nerd the word through his comedy genius and grand romantic gestures to win over Summer. He’€™s always thinking of both his mates and his lady, even when she is being a bit of a mare. Also, I love his curly hair.

Gavin Shipman – Gavin & Stacey
A cute Essex boy at heart, Gav moves all the way to Barry in Wales for love of his life Stacey. He’€™s one of the boys but will always choose ho’€™s over bro’s. Good on you Gavlar!