The Kennedys Trailer: Axed In The US.. Airing In The UK

Conspiracy theories and the Kennedy family go together like Indie kids and skinny jeans, but even so there were more than a few people surprised to hear that the American History channel would not be showing the eight-part miniseries it had commissioned. It was true that the Canadian director Jon Cassar had presented a slightly more seedy version of the political dynasty than is usually seen across the pond (adultery and drugs no less!) but he claimed that he’d made all the changes that his employers had asked him to before wrapping. As such, rumours grew that existing members of the Kennedy estate had been putting pressure on the broadcaster to axe the series, which stars Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear as JFK, Katie Holmes as Jackie K and Tom Wilkinson as Papa K. “I doubt they’ve seen it,” said Cassar of the Kennedy clan. “They were objecting to it before it started. They were objecting to the idea of it.â€? Nevermind, because it will be airing on British television next week. Hurrah! The Kennedys starts on Thursday 7th April at 9pm on HISTORY