The Most Embarassing Award Ceremony Moments. Ever

jackoThe National Television Awards may have gone off without some champagne-addled celebrity making a fool of themselves – but that was probably because Amy Winehouse was still on her way back from court.

Other prestigious events have not been so fortunate and from a mammoth shortlist, we selected the most embarrassing/hilarious showbiz prize-giving faux pas’.

Put it down Michael…

Britney Invents Award For Jacko…

“I consider him the artist of the millenium.”

If we took everything Britney Spears said as rote, the world would have imploded and turned into a satsuma by now. Yet up strolls MJ in his gold shin pads who presumably likes the sound of this, as he accepts his self-imposed ‘Artist of the millenium award.’

Look, we know you probably had a whole floor in Neverland for your gongs but they’re not Hob Nobs, Michael! You can’t just have one whenever you fancy. I’m betting that if Britters considered him the toilet brush of the millenium he would have done the same thing.

Then again, he probably is the artist of the millenium (worst, according to an unofficial website is Kevin Federline. No wonder she lost it). So you literally have to hand it to him.

I also have a theory Britney executed this cunning plan to take attention away from her outfit. She should have gone for the shin pads…

X-Rated Judy Finnigan…

Richard Madeley undoubtedly makes the biggest boob of himself here when he assumes the audience is screaming for another Ali G impression. It’s actually wife Judy who ends up baring the front, namely a white bra and presumably cold torso.

He effortlessly revokes the attention by shouting out, ‘I mean, how do you follow that?’ Luckily the camera stopped rolling before Richard revealed his boxers to the nation…

The best thing about this clip is Carol Voderman’s eye-rolling, as if she’s seen it all before. I shudder to think what’s on the Countdown outtakes.

Jarvis Cocker Rushes Jacko’s Disciples…

Another blow for Jesus, sorry, Michael Jackson, as he offends Jarvis Cocker of all people. It turns out MJ impersonating JC is what really riles up er, JC. So much so he runs onto the stage faster than you can say ‘Her name was Deb-o-rah’ and waves his bum at us. And then flashes his cardigan.

I don’t see what all the fuss is about, to be honest; I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t have minded. He couldn’t mind – he was the nicest bloke on the planet.

Jackson’s lawyers did mind, however, and spent weeks wondering what to charge him with. Turns out they couldn’t think of anything. Dodgy cardigans? Over-sized glasses? It’s not hard.

Speaking of which, here’s Chris Evans on TFI Friday interviewing Jarvis about the whole debacle.

Kanye West Ruins Taylor Swift’s Night

If the VMAs handed out the award for biggest jerk of the night, it would go hands down to Kanyé West. Even the chirpy American presenter says so.

Kanyé makes a Swift decision as he puts the young artist’s music video down in favour of Beyoncé, who’s sat in the audience all agog. But through the startled looks you can tell her thoughts definitely veer West.

“Oh, Kanyé, how could you! But then again, I am a multi-platinum selling artist who’s been around for ages and ages and this girl on stage has practically just come out the womb.” That’s exactly what she’s thinking.

“Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you and imma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! ALL TIME!” Better than Mika’s Lollipop? It’s a close call.

Ricky Gervais Annoys Hollywood…

I honestly didn’t realise Ricky Gervais was that famous in America. Famous enough to present the Golden Globes, anyway. If it was anyone from the UK, it should be David Beckham for the name alone.

But then I saw this clip and thought well, actually, he is pretty funny. And god knows those American actors need some of our British humour injected into them (well its healthier than botox).

By the time he gets to Mel Gibson you can tell Gervais has been gearing up for this quip all night. He even has a drink to lead him into it. Luckily it and the joke go down well and Gibson doesn’t bat an eyelid.

Although he probably bat Ricky backstage. I digress.