The Next Doctor Who


In a sudden flurry of publicity, it was revealed last week that Matt Smith will be stepping down from his role as Doctor Who, handing the most coveted role in British television over to someone else. Speculation about the next Doctor are rife – will they be Old? Female? Even… non-white? Probably not. Still, it’s fun to guess, so here’s our pick of the most likely candidates.

Ponceley Smythe-Howe

25-year old home counties hearthrob Ponceley is undoubtedly the fans’ favourite, mostly due to his looks. Just like Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch and other nerd pin-ups, he has an immediate advantage by being both handsome and ugly, a staple quality of any self-respecting Doctor. Whether or not he gets the role, he’s set to make ladies up and down the country unsure whether they should swoon or recoil at his appearance.

His past television experience is mostly restricted to minor roles in BBC soaps, leaving many fans unsure whether he could do the role justice. His fans, however, (who call themselves ‘Howevians’) claim that his extensive classical training is more than ample preparation. Critics agree, hailing his portrayal of Shepherd #2 in Henley-on-Thames’ 2010 production of The Nativity as “thoroughly competentâ€?.

A member of The Bullingdon Club even long after his undergraduate career was over and two-time winner of Upper Class Twit of the Year (before he realised it was just a Monty Python Joke), he’s a prominent name at Broadcasting House, a factor sure to curry favour amongst his BBC producer schoolchums.

Clarissa Gower-Gower

Although her distinctive name is the product of her parents being siblings, Gower-Gower has been a figure of even more notoriety amongst ‘nice guy’ Whovians, appalled at the idea that a show about a time-travelling alien could depart from reality so much as to cast a woman in the lead role. After cutting her teeth at the Old Vic, Clarissa has racked up a fantastic theatre pedigree, earning the praise of critics for her portrayal of Nancy in the 2006 National Theatre production of Death Who’s Coming Boo Dinner, an adaptation of the 1967 film, which The Metro labelled “tolerableâ€?.

Coming in at #532 on the Tatler List, she’s got friends in high places. But will the BBC risk alienating Doctor Who’s core audience – 13 year old boys – by casting a woman in the lead role? The bookies say no, but her ability to pull strings in London’s highest media circles makes her a likely candidate to be the first female Doctor.

Henry de Montfort

473rd in line to the British Throne and erstwhile drinking buddy of Cara Delevigne, Henry de Montfort is a breath of fresh air in British drama, his much-publicised cocaine habit and passion for foxhunting earning him fame and adulation amongst fellow toffish actors. Beloved by his peers and MailOnline paparazzi, de Montfort is currently the front-runner for the coveted role.

Although having been tempted in the past by an opportunity to play Jamie’s new friend in Made in Chelsea, he’s had his heart set on playing the Doctor since his daddy commissioned the reboot in 2005. Although a self-confessed bad boy, fans everywhere are hoping he can get clean and secure the role in the near future.