The Red Dwarf X Countdown Begins on Dave…Plus Secret Codes and More

DWARFERS! Get ready to stock up on Indian takeaway leaflets and reorganise your weekend plans now…

With less a month to go until Red Dwarf X appears on our screens, anxious fans of the crimson one have been lapping up internet sneak preview trailers released by Dave, desperate to see if the new series will mark a return to form for Lister et al.

But before we all stock up on Tension Sheets© and brace ourselves for the latest Dwarf outing, broadcaster Dave is going all out for fans, showing Series I-VIII in full on successive weekends SDRAWKCAB, starting this Saturday 8th September from 11am.

Well ok, not backwards as in the NODNOL sense but sort of, as the channel is playing each series in whole in reverse order, starting with the Back to Earth trilogy.

But before you say ‘pah, I’ve seen all that before you smeg head’, there’s an additional treat for fans, as if you make a note of the secret codes shown during the ad breaks throughout the Saturday episodes and head to, you’ll be to unlock a brand new trailer every weekend until the new series launch.

Dave have also hinted at a clue for fans in their scheduling, with episode The End from Series I being shown a week before the latest series starts, which finishes on an episode titled The Beginning. Is it relevant? Dave are keeping their cards close to their chests.

So now boys (and girls) from the Dwarf, stop shaking your hands about and get your diaries out, as here’s the schedule:

• Red Dwarf VIII – Saturday 8th September from 11am
(Keep a lookout for the secret code during the ad break)

• Red Dwarf VII – Sunday 9th September from 11am
• Red Dwarf VI – Saturday 15th September from 11am
(Don’t forget to look out for the secret code to unlock new trailer on the website)

• Red Dwarf V – Sunday 16th September from 11am
• Red Dwarf IV – Saturday 22nd September from 11am
(Reminder: secret code = brand new trailer!)

• Red Dwarf III – Sunday 23rd September from 11am
• Red Dwarf II – Saturday 29th September from 11am
(Last trailer to be revealed – keep an eye out for the secret code during ad breaks)

• Red Dwarf I – Sunday 30th September from 11am
It’s here! RED DWARF X begins– Thursday 4th October at 9pm