Tom Daley: Diving For Britain “The Most Difficult Dive in the World” Clip

At just eighteen, Tom Daley is an exceptional athlete. He’s now also the subject of a documentary by award-winning film-maker Jane Treays, who has spent the last two years capturing his life, tracking Tom as he prepared to fulfil his lifelong dream of winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

For those who tuned in to Victoria Pendleton: Cycling’s Golden Girl, the documentary is very much in the same vein, following Tom as he juggles the pressures of training with his hurdles in his personal life. These range from passing his A-levels and driving test to dealing with the death of his father, who was a constant companion in competitions around the world.

As London 2012 looms and the pressure increases for Tom, we’re treated to a unique snapshot of an incredible teenage athlete..

TOM DALEY – DIVING FOR BRITAIN: Monday 23rd July, BBC1, 10.35pm