Top Five Faux Pas That Should Have Got Someone Fired But Didn’t

There are some beautiful moments on television, moments of pure brilliance that bring a tear to your eye. Like when people audition for Idol, or when Max died on Hollyoaks.

Better still are other moments of spontaneous television brilliance- accidental, unscripted and utterly humiliating for the person who inspires them.

But as we all know from when we were kids and got caught with our hand in the cookie jar or other less savoury places, there are consequences for actions. Except, as it turns out, not for everyone. Here is our compilation of Top Five Faux Pas That Should Have Got Someone Fired But Didn’t.

5. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer really nailed the heart of the Katrina tragedy with this news article from The Situation Room September 1st 2005.

So what happened? Well, nothing. The net went wild with blog posts both laughing at him and angered by the banal racism of the comment. He essentially summarised, in less than ten words, the media’s view on Hurricane Katrina.

Should he have been fired?
Well, debatable. Obviously a misspeak, but utterly Freudian. He talks about New Orleans as if it is another country, filled with strange and wild beings. He wasn’t the only one to think like that, just the only one to say it so concisely.

4. um…ewwwww.

This one is creepy. But also very funny. Fox News reporter Shepherd Smith obviously had funny feelings in his pants when he said this little faux pas. What makes it creepy though is his completely insincere response. ‘Sorry about that slip up there. I have no idea how that happened. But it won’t happen again’. I think we ALL know how that happened Mr Smith and you are a BAD man.

Should he have been fired?
Hell yeah. I’m surprised the Diva herself didn’t get him fired.

3. Who doesn’t like a top cop?
They say that men think about sex every three seconds. This one maybe shows that women think about a little too much as well.

This one from Jane Skinner obviously made Shepherd Smith feel better because it cuts to him laughing his a*s off. Still, its not such a bad one, just a funny one. She sneaks in ahead of Shephard Smith because she says it twice.

Should she have been fired?
Nah, if Shepard got away with it why shouldn’t she?

2. Back to the news desk for this awkward moment

News reporter Cynthia Izaguirre was obviously more shocked that a gay man could climb Mount Everest than a blind one. Climber Erik Weihenmayer’s achievement clearly needed to be marked for not only was he suffering from blindness but also the most terrible disability of them all. That’s right. He was a bad dresser. Because of his blindness. Obviously, Cynthia’s inner bigot leapt out for all to see with her little slip and yet consequence wise- it was never even mentioned.

Should she have been fired?

1. This catch phrase has to be seen to be believed.

It’s hard to imagine who got a b*llocking for this one. Was it really anyone’s fault? Who could have predicted the lurid outcome of a simple happy banana animation.

Should they have been fired.
Dear god no, this is the stuff that makes gameshows watchable.