Top Ten TV Dance Moments

With Dancing On Ice taking pride of place once more in our homes every weekend in all of its naff glory, what better way to celebrate the homecoming of the show lovingly dubbed ‘the poor man’s Strictly’, than with a countdown of the best ever dance moments on TV? Without further ado, here are the top ten…


10. Pan’s People on TOTP

Pan’s People anyone? This bevy of dancers had their moment in the seventies, with their quite frankly brilliant ‘interpretive’ dance routines on Top Of The Pops. Some might say they danced the lyrics a little too literally, but when it involves dressing up as a series of horror movie characters to dance to the Monster Mash, how could that possibly be a bad thing? Incidentally, mentioning the Pan’s People is a great way of figuring out a person’s age: a fond look of remembrance indicates a freedom pass (or that one is imminent), a flicker of recognition means they weren’t around at the time but mum told them all about it, and a response of: “Top Of The Pops – what’s that?â€? means RUN, you filthy cradle snatcher.

9. Neil Does The Robot

Forget Peter Crouch, the ‘go-to’ man for a fix of robot dancing now falls upon The Inbetweeners’ Neil, who, at ‘Caravan Club’ is perfectly content doing his body popping thang in a giant shed. It’s the small pleasures in life, really.

8. Jack & Vera Bow Out With A Slow Dance

Aw… Our Jack and Vera. Corrie’s favourite couple shared a touching final last dance to Matt Monro’s Softly As I Leave You. By this point of course, Vera had already ‘passed over to the other side’ three years previous, but she kindly made a ghostly visit back to the cobbles, just in time for Jack’s last moments. Sweet. Yet also a little bit disturbing.

7. Family Guy: Lapdance + Heart Attack = Complaints

Family Guy have been responsible for many an extended ‘lets break into song and dance’ routine. (You know, the ones where it’s funny for a bit, but then they do that Family Guy thing and drag it out for about 25 minutes until they’ve zapped all the joy from it and it’s now just a little irritating? Yeah that one.) Their treatment of Carter (Lois’s pops) getting a lap dance didn’t go down too well with The Parents Television Council, who filed a complaint. The ‘climax’ of the scene, as it were, sees poor old Carter collapse and have a heart attack, so who knows what the PTC were referring to when they said: “Fox hides behind satire and animation as an ‘excuse’ to air the foulest material imaginable.â€?

6. John Sergeant & Ann Widdecombe Dance Debate

Joint sixth place must go to John Sergeant and Ann Widdecombe, whose respective efforts on Strictly Come Dancing caused outrage and fury among viewers with apparently nowt better to do than complain: “How dare a shockingly bad dancer be allowed to perform on a *shudder* entertainment show? How dare they?â€? Etc etc.

5. Harry Hill Satires Todd Carty

Our token ‘ice mention’ goes to Todd Carty, who showed such dedication to the rink that he just kept going. And going. So much so that after stumbling on the ice, he skated off the rink and flew into the backstage area. Even better than the actual footage however, is Harry Hill’s TV Burp parody below.

4. Two Words – David. Brent.

Is it even possible to have a TV dance top ten without mentioning David Brent’s inimitable (but always imitated) grunting dance from The Office? Um no. No it isn’t.…

3. Rollerblading Toddlers & Breakdancing Gene Kelly

Computer wizardry has been responsible for some pretty cool adverts. How amazing are Evian‘s rollerblading babies, or how about Gene Kelly’s 21st century dance makeover which sees him ‘Breakdancing In The Rain’? Ah, the wonders of technology…

2. The Carlton Dance

You know you have arrived in life when there is a dance named after you (I myself am the pioneer of “The Lucyâ€?, an awkward foot shuffling bop) and this honour is bestowed upon The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘s Carlton, for his services to the ‘Carlton Dance’. Rather fittingly, the last episode of the comedy featured Carlton’s ’Last Dance’, where he and Will shared one last finger clicking boogie to Tom Jones‘ It’s Not Unusual. A beautiful moment.

1. Robert Webb Has ‘A Feeling’

Robert Webb performing “What A Feelingâ€? for Comic Relief in all his curly wig/ spandex all-in-one glory was quite simply GENIUS. What made it even better was the Tommy Cooper stylings of the dance: just as Cooper’s much loved act involved pretending to ‘stuff up’ his magic tricks when he was in fact an able magician, Webb pretended to miss his moves throughout the routine, all the while being pretty darn impressive with those leg kicks (not to mention confusing hetrosexual men with those fine set of pins of his).