Trailer: Apprentice Episode 5 – The Bend and Bitch

Adam demonstrates "the claw" to a bemused student

“A fitness video featuring five signature movesâ€?? Sweatbands all round? An astonishing lack of regard for basic business principles? It can only mean one thing: The Apprentice.

Tonight’s episode will feature the remaining candidates donning a bit of neon Lycra and working up a serious sweat as the teams battle it out to become fitness video supremos. If only Rosemary Conley was on hand as a business consultant they will no doubt whine (if they know who she is).Even in a brief 70-second clip, there is almost more passive aggressive business backstabbing than one girl can manage…gawd only knows how we’ll survive the full episode.

But survive it we must Apprentice fans because the competition is really heating up now and some characters are starting to emerge. Personally, we will be keeping an eye on the performances of mouthy Jade and handsome Nick. Both have been picked out as potential winners by previous firees and Jade seems to get her husky oar stuck straight in from the word go if the clip below is anything to go by.

And don’t forget, whoever ends up taking that taxi ride to Job Centre Plus will also have to face an interrogation by yours truly. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed at the end of the show for all the gory details – straight from the reject’s mouth.

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The Apprentice will air on BBC1 tonight at 9pm.