Trailer: Derren Brown Tests The ‘Psychics’

In his new series, Derren Brown, master of trickery and creator of illusions, challenges his ‘rivals’ who profess to have innate gifts and powers for the paranormal. Often resulting in the exploitation of the vulnerable and gullible who desperately want to believe that there are people amongst us who can act as a conduit to the ‘other side’ Brown unravels their tactics and reveals them to be the fraudsters they really are.

Whilst Brown might seem to have the uncanny ability to see into the future or reach out beyond the grave he crucially never purports to be doing this for ‘real’. In the first episode of this new series Derren meets Joe Powers who counts John Lennon amongst his chatty cadavers. Through various set-ups, including a ‘reading’ with the members of Hollyoaks, Brown sets out to expose the benign cruelty of those who claim to have access to a world that the bereaved wish with all their hearts exists and are willing to part with good money for a glimpse of this morbid limbo.

A must watch judging by the trailer.