Trailer: New C4 Comedy To “Take The Piss” Out Of VIPs

BRAND-ed a fool: Russell

Channel 4’s latest foray into the world of comedy hopes to take a satirical swipe at celebrity culture – whilst shamelessly mocking Natalie Cassidy – and the channel has now released a first glimpse of what we can expect.

Very Important People will feature the impressionistic talents of Morgana Wilson (The Morgana Show) and Terry Mynott as they take the take on the likes of Fearne Cotton, Adele, Bear Grylls, Frankie Boyle, Russell Brand and many more headline grabbing fools besides.

“We’re taking the piss out of celebrity culture, basically, in a way that I think is appropriate for the time that we’re in, and how ridiculous celebrity has becomeâ€?, explains Wilson. “It’s such a massive façade, and this is just a warts-and-all look at it, basically.

“It’s not just “Hi, look at me, I’m being this person”. It’s got more of a voice to it than that.â€?

We have known about this new show for some time but the trailer released just this afternoon has provided with a bit of help in deciding whether it will be any cop. The signs are good people.

Unsurprisingly, Channel 4 seem totally convinced: “VIP‘s hugely talented cast of new faces have managed to capture the quirks of dozens of modern celebritiesâ€? said Fiona McDermott, commissioning editor at Channel 4. “Filming a topical section each week also means we’ll be perfectly placed to keep up with the pace of the celebrity merry-go-round and no-one will escape our gaze.”

Very Important People starts on Friday, April 27 on Channel 4.