TV Transfer Deadline Day


Live updates on all the top moves and deals on transfer deadline day, with OTB reporters covering the big stories at home and abroad.


Spotted – It has emerged that striker Peter Odemwingie was seen in London a day before transfer deadline day yet again. This time in the EastEnders carpark. He’s believed to be currently dating star Shona McGarty, but rumours of a three episode “dogging” arc have stuck to him like paint on a plasterer’s radio in recent weeks.

His agent had this to say:

“He’s where? Oh Christ, Peter. Oh Christ! Peter! PETER! PEEEETER! OH JESUS CHRIST! PEEEEETER! OH JESUS CHRIST!”


Take Me Out to sign MIC player?

Spencer Matthews, the love-rat-cum-gash-hound, has made it clear that he wants to move into Paddy McGuinness’ role long-term, but E4 will only accept a permanent move if they can get Season 3’s Lucy in a like-for-like, tit for tits swap.

Comment: TMO producers have been unapologetic about the need to get more flirty for weeks, but this has all the hallmarks of a panic buy. It’s going to be a long old series for viewers unless it can add a bit of creativity and shaggability to the hosting lineup.


Saturday Kitchen producer Will Spector on the future of host James Martin, who has been linked with a move to The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook:

“It’s getting tiring all this speculation. Whilst everyone knows that he’s got a lustrous head of hair and back like a black labrador, no bids have been made and there is no point anyway because he isn’t for sale. How many more times do we have to say it?”


Danish television station TV Danmark has confirmed that The Killing’s Sarah Lund is presently holding talks with ITV officials about a potential loan move to Midsomer Murders.

Comment: Signing the Dane would, in my eyes, make perfect sense for DCI Barnaby’s team. The British favourite may be getting consistent results in the ratings, but the show has been suffering from a lack of young playmakers for some time and this could be just what’s needed to settle the menopausal fan base after yet another hot flush.


Match of the Day in shock Jordan acquisition

The BBC’s flagship highlights programme are thought to be closing in on a two year deal for notorious WAG Katie Price, (who in the Brazilian style she’s known for goes simply by Jordan.)

“We’ve been very clear about our need for a solid pair up front for our coverage. She really knows her footballers and we think she’ll be able to provide some serious off-the-field insight. And for what it’s worth Dwight Yorke assures us she’s a safe pair of hands.”

An unnamed scout commented that he thought the move had a lot of potential but worried that she might fail the medical.

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