Ultimate Big Brother – The Housemates

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your TV back on again, Channel 4 roll out another Big Brother minutes after the eleventh (and supposedly final) series ended. Swiftly after winning the show, Josie was put straight back into the house for Ultimate Big Brother. We had hoped the likes of Brian Belo, Jackie Stallone, Alex Reid and The Jungle Cats would enter the house, bad sadly that was not to be. However, Davina McCall did announce on Big Brother’s Big Mouth that an additional two former housemates would yet enter. There is still hope…

Brian Dowling
Gay holiday rep and air steward Brian won the second series of Big Brother with a massive 4,231,660 votes (58%). Since his 2001 victory, Brian has presented various TV shows, from SMTV Live (becoming the first openly gay children’s television presenter) to late night telephone show The Mint. He also had a recent stint on Hell’s Kitchen, clashing with Jim Davidson on his way to a third placed finish.
Chantelle Houghton
Chantelle appeared in 2006’s Celebrity Big Brother, despite not being a celebrity. The Paris Hilton look-alike beat off the likes of Michael Barrymore and George Galloway to win the show. After a brief romance in the house, Chantelle married fellow housemate Preston…a marriage that lasted just 7 months before they divorced.
Coolio has been spending most of his life living in a gangsta’s paradise. The US rapper, known pretty much exclusively for his song Gangsta’s Paradise, appeared in Celebrity Big Brother in 2009 and finished a respectable third. He formed a close bond with Verne “Mini-Meâ€? Troyer, and was a source of great conflict, regularly upsetting his fellow housemates. He considers himself a good cook.
John McCririck
Horse racing pundit John McCririck is known for his deerstalker cap and sideburns, as well as his use of tic-tac signals when commentating on horse racing odds. He appeared in the house in 2005, and largely spent his time complaining about not receiving Diet Coke in his pee-stained white briefs. McCririck is infamous for his rants and borderline sexist comments (he calls his wife “The Boobyâ€?).
Josie Gibson
Last night Bristolian lass Josie was crowned the winner of Big Brother 11 with a massive 77.5% of the public vote. Josie provided some classic Big Brother moments, not least her relationship with Aussie David Beckham look-alike John James, as well as her comments on how she prevents herself from feeling depressed.

Makosi Musambasi
Ample breasted Makosi is best remembered for her Jacuzzi romp with eventual winner Anthony, after which she claimed she was pregnant. She also took part in the ‘secret garden’ task. Makosi managed to finish third in the sixth series of the show, and has done very little since leaving the house.
Nadia Almada
Transsexual Nadia won Series 5 – arguably the best and most explosive series of Big Brother ever – with a massive 74% of the vote. Nadia was heavily involved in one of the great Big Brother moments, as she (and her fellow ‘Lip Gloss Bitches’) argued with ‘the Jungle Cats’ (Victor and Jason). Since winning in 2005, Nadia has dabbled further with reality TV, appearing in Big Brother Australia. She also released a song which reached number 27 in the UK singles chart.
Nick Bateman
‘Nasty Nick’ was a contestant on the inaugural series of Big Brother, lasting just 36 days before he was kicked out for cheating. He was famously confronted by housemates after he tried to influence their voting and lied about his wife having been killed. He won a celebrity version of The Weakest Link.
Nikki Grahame
Nikki finished a lowly fifth in Big Brother 7, but is one of the most annoying contestants ever. She’s best known for screaming “Who is she?!â€? and having toddler-esque tantrums, as well as having a brief romance with Tourette’s sufferer and eventual winner, Pete Bennett. She has struggled with anorexia and was given her own reality show, Princess Nikki.
Preston, the (former) lead singer of The Ordinary Boys, entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2006. Despite being in a relationship, Preston grew close to Chantelle and the pair became engaged a couple of months after the show finished, eventually divorcing in 2007. Preston famously walked out of Never Mind the Buzzcocks after Simon Amstell made fun of Chantelle.
Ulrika Jonsson
Ulrika-ka-ka-ka won the sixth Celebrity Big Brother. The Swedish weather girl and presenter of Gladiators managed to survive the public vote on five occasions before being crowned champion. The Shooting Stars team captain has led a colourful life, becoming involved with then England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson and suffering domestic abuse at the hands of Stan Collymore.