US Office Exit Strategy? The Mindy Project Trailer..

When Mindy Kaling decided not to renew her contract with the US Office, NBC bosses were understandably disappointed. After all, they’d recently lost Steve Carrell and ratings were dipping, so losing another important cast member was far from ideal. But now it looks like they could have a much bigger problem on their hands because their stars are queuing up to be a part of Kaling’s new project, which is called… ermm.. The Mindy Project.

Set to air in the autumn schedule on Fox, the new sitcom is written and produced Kaling, and she’ll be starring alongside British actor Ed Weeks, who previously appeared in our very own The IT Crowd and Not Going Out. But what will have NBC execs most concerned is the fact that Office co-stars Ed Helms and B.J Novak will be featuring and while it’s not clear how large their involvement will be, it looks suspiciously like they’re jumping from a sinking ship to some.

The Office’s audience has fallen since the departure of Carrell and many are suggesting that with two successful Hangover films under his belt, Ed Helms is taking a look at his options. Having said that, while Helms has renewed his contract for another season of The Office, B.J Novak’s future is unclear. The cheekily-named actor was involved in talks for season nine, but the contract is still very much unsigned and with his character’s main arc (his involvement with Kaling’s Kelly) leaving with The Mindy Project he could be on his way.

On top of this, writer and show-runner Paul Lieberstien, who also plays “Tobyâ€? in The Office has left the show, in order to concentrate on a Dwight Schrute spin-off, The Farm. Dwight, played by Rainn Wilson is still one of The Office’s main sources of comedy, and it seems hard to imagine the show without him.

Anyway, here’s that Mindy Project Trailer..

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