Video: Alfred Hitchcock Records the First Ever Sound-Test

Danny Boyle may be the toast of Britain after his glorious Olympic Opening Ceremony last Friday, but he’s still got some way to go before he ousts Sir Alfred Hitchcock as the nation’s most iconic director. One Institute who know this more than most is the BFI and they’ll be celebrating the master of suspense with a season of screenings and events over the next month or so.

His 1929 movie Blackmail (check out the official trailer at the bottom of the page) will be getting a special airing in August and we thought we’d put you in the mood by sharing one of the preliminary sound tests. It’s not just any sound test though – it’s one of the first ever committed to film and it shows Hitchcock encountering a few difficulties with his leading lady, the Polish-Czech Anny Ondra, who certainly hadn’t been employed for the authenticity of her English accent..

Find out more about the BFI’s ‘The Genius of Hitchcock’ season here..