Video: “It Smells Like Christmas Cake”, The Apprentice Hopefuls Attempt To Sell Wine

"It's definitely wine"

If you are hoping for a nice quiet evening in, curled up in front of some inept businessmen and women as they attempt to pry some cash of Alan Sugar’s pocket, you are in luck! This week’s episode of The Apprentice (BBC One, 9pm) features more ineptitude than ever before and the puns…even more diabolical.

The remaining eight candidates are tasked with creating a new image for English sparkling wine – and begin their search in Tesco. Goggle-eyed Stephen’s first mistake? Asking a sales assistant for advice about the “one million and one winesâ€? he perceives to be on offer in the supermarket. Best to just have a shifty at the labels mate.

Across the city, Tom and Adam enjoy a wine tasting session in a bid to “get a taste for the productâ€?. Bear in mind at this point that Tom is a wine expert by trade while Adam, the market trader, sniffs an anonymous glass of vino decreeing that it “smells like Christmas cakeâ€?.

Tonight is also the night of the long-awaited directorial debut for this year’s cohort. A “corking campaignâ€? (the script this evening appears to have been written by my dad?) led by Jenna, which involves toffs toasting each other is surely destined for the annals of Apprentice failure…

Take a peek at an excerpt from tonight’s show below:

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