Video: Kyle Hit By Envelope

On a Jeremy Kyle episode entitled “Will our relationship survive two lie-detector tests and a DNA test?” the host was attacked by a guest wielding an envelope and shouting obscenities, a video of which you can see at the bottom of this page.

The man, who was called Kev (naturally) and was on the show alleging that his girlfriend Elana had given him chlamydia and fathered a child by another man, became angry after Kyle revealed the results of the DNA test (the baby was Kev’s, in case you’re interested) and then tossed the results envelope to one side. Kev then asked Jeremy why he’d thrown the envelope away, at which point Kyle picked it back up and put it on the lap of the increasingly angry guest. As Jeremy turned away, he said, “If you could be as good a father as you are envelope collector, the world would be…” but was cut short when Kev threw the envelope back at his head.

Just before things got really out of hand, bouncers appeared on stage to calm the situation down. As Kev was made to sit back down, he shouted at the presenter, “If you throw it at me, I throw it at you.” Then he actually said, “Your mum.”

Kyle was unhurt in the fracas, but viewers will have spotted him smoothing down his hair, which had fallen out of place after making contact with the envelope. The episode aired this morning on ITV1.