Video: “Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Firing Line”…Apprentice Episode 6

Culinary capers

Tonight those ambitious Apprentice hopefuls are being jetted up to the “culinary capitalâ€? of…Scotland…to bring football hooligans overpriced meatballs. Obviously BBC budget cuts are hitting Alan Sugar where it hurts.

The 30-second short reveals desperate kilt-clad candidates, attempting to flog meatballs to unsuspecting passers-by and squirrels alike.

According to the melodramatic voice-over man “IT’S OUT OF THE FRYING PAN AND INTO THE FIRING LINEâ€? as self-respect battles with ambition. For some of the contestants, it’s clear which characteristic comes out on top (Katie dresses up as a giant pizza).

Last week Duane Bryan told of his suspicion that Karren Brady has a soft spot for Ricky Martin, so we will be keeping our eyes peeled for further evidence of such outrageous favoritism. Surely it couldn’t be the case that Duane was just horrendously bitter…

Click here for a tantalising 50-second preview of tonight’s episode or watch our 30-second snippet below. Watch the full The Apprentice episode tonight at 9pm on BBC1.

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