Video: Starkey Goes Rogue On Question Time

Last night’s Question Time was a bit special. One man was articulate, polite and spoke intelligently and he was a footballer (Clark Carlisle take a bow son!) but David Starkey dominated proceedings with his pomposity and cheese-grater personality. How he got back to the Dalek mothership afterwards is anyone’s guess, but you can’t deny that the bloke is entertaining.

Some of last night’s highlights included the opening stages of this video, in which he claimed that France hates us for kicking Hitler’s ass back in WW2 and people in the Balkans “don’t like being freed”. But our favourite part comes at 5 minutes and 50 seconds when he literally scoffs at some bloke’s suggestion that we should put economic pressure on China. “What an absurd remark! Who would say such a thing!!” Whoever Starkey’s PR man is, you have our sympathies..