Video: “Ten Out Of Ten Men Fancy Me” ..Brick Fights Back

World’s sexiest woman ™ Samantha Brick went on This Morning today to explain how difficult it is being fancied by every last man on the planet.. every man apart from the ones at OTB apparently. The ‘beautiful’ journalist refused to accept some women hate her because she’s unbelievably arrogant, rather than simply because of her good-looks.

Her original article on The Daily Mail’s website has received over 1.5 million hits and she was briefly the most popular trend on Twitter during her interview, in which she told Eamonn Holmes that at most parties she attends, every man present wants to jump her.

Ms Brick also claimed the responses she’s had since the article had been a “50/50â€? split between who felt she had “told the story of their livesâ€? and those who said she’s a hopelessly deluded woman who can’t stop mentioning that she lives in France.

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