Video: The Apprentice Ep. 10 “Sweet Jesus That Feels Tickly!”

Just don't look down Steve-O

What better way to relax after a stuffy day at the office – where the air has been filled with the scent of sweaty Primark slip-ons and Lynx Africa – than with a luxury-spa themed episode of The Apprentice.

Enter Stephen with his cheesers out, suffocating unsuspecting fish who had the misfortune to be placed in a bowl with the aforementioned plates of meat.

This week time is of the essence for the bargain-hunting Sugarites, with each team split into two sub-groups tasked with presenting as many top notch deals to the website at end of play. Bouncing across London in their beloved black cabs, the teams visit a plethora of exclusive destinations in a bid to sniff out the very best for their high-end clients.

After being teamed with Gabrielle to scope out potential experiences for a high-end discount website, a fish pedicure features at top of Stephen’s wish list despite the pleas of an industry expert…obviously.

Last week saw Jenna leave the boardroom ego-in-hand, but not before the feisty minx had really stirred up some nasty intra-group malice. Will Stephen FINALLY live to regret his ‘Machiavellian‘ boardroom ways?


ps. I heartily recommend listening to the first ten seconds of the clip without watching for some juvenile Wednesday afternoon entertainment.

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