Videos Ahoy! The Very Best of Pat Butcher

Pat and Peggy, they always did do everything together. Following swiftly in the footsteps of Barbara Windsor’s character last year, the BBC have announced that Patricia Louise “Pat” Evans (née Harris, Beale, Wicks and Butcher, Fat Pat to some) played by actress Pam St Clement, will be leaving the square for good later this year.

Pat has certainly had a colourful life in the Square and in more ways than one. She’s had more husbands than hot dinners, donned enough make-up and lippy to make Katie Price look natural and has entertained viewers with a famously gaudy sense of style that makes some of us wish that black-and-white TVs had never gone out of fashion.

With an earring collection that makes women weak at the knees and a bullish attitude to match the cringeworthness of her living room decoration (complete with cocktail bar, lest with forget), the style icon will be sorely missed in Eastenders, having been witness to some of Albert Square’s finest moments over 25 years. Time really does fly when you’re dressed like a transvestite on acid at a fancy dress party…

So, sit comfortably, pour yourself a pina colada with cocktail umbrella and shovel on the make up and fake tan, as OTB brings you the very best of Pat’s antics on the square. Did I say Pat? Sorry, I meant Paaaattttttttttt!

Pat’s Wedding To Frank: 1989
Two eastenders get married in proper cockney style..

Pat sent to prison: 1993
Back in the days when Phil had hair, Pat gets sent to prison for six months on a drink driving murder charge.

Pat meets Roy: 1994
Barry’s father, Roy meets his future wife at a flash meal with Cathy.

Show down with Mo: 1998
Classic Eastenders argument in the middle of the Square..

Pat and Peggy fight: 1998
You Bitch! You Cow! The gals went head to head on more than more occasion.

Frank Naked: 2000
This image of Mike Reid in nothing but a bowtie still haunts me..

Eastenders in Spain: 2000
Pat is told she is over the hill and no good for anything but carrying logs. I dare anyone to watch this without smiling.

Pat Found In Bed with Frank: 2000
Uh Oh, the pair are caught in the act.

Pat reveals Barry’s killer: 2005
Despite Janine innocence in the death Laura (who fell down the stairs), Pat sets her up in revenge for the murder of poor old Barry. In this clip, she tells a duped Frank the truth..

Pat’s affair with Patrick: 2006
Cringe. Just cringe.

Pat’s Heart Attack: 2010
Being in the same room as Janine is enough to push anyone over the edge.

Peggy and Pat’s Ice Cream Van: 2010
One of the final moments for this terrible twosome, with the East End Gals getting wasted on Shirley’s vodka in an ice cream van. Class acts, the both of them.