Videos: New Lark Rise To Candleford Sneak Peak

So Christmas is over, the mornings seem to be getting colder and there’s a massive Downton Abbey shaped hole in our Sunday evenings. Step forward Lark Rise To Candleford. With the BBC1 drama entering its fourth series and another season of Downton in the pipeline, it looks like we could be seeing a bit of healthy rivalry between the two channels in the coming years. Here’s hoping..

There’s a new face in Candleford this year and he’s managed to get on the good side of Dorcas Lane (Julia Sawalha). Gabriel Cochrane is a handsome but humble widowed blacksmith and as soon as he starts smacking the iron about, he sets many hearts a-flutter…


What a charmer! And we also have this behind-the-scenes look at how Candleford’s newest arrival was brought into being by make-up artist Lesley Faulkner, costume designer Pam Downe and of course the actor playing him, Richard Harrington.