Videos: “We’ve Invented The Bin” – Apprentice Episode Two

Karen. Alan. Nick

The Sugar Daddy and his obedient followers will be back on our screens in The Apprentice tomorrow evening for another round of ego-bolstering – swiftly followed by ego-bashing.

The boys and girls will face design and pitch task which will see them attempting to invent a brand new household product which will revolutionise the way we…do things in our houses.

After last week’s poor performance, it is the girls who have the most to prove in the boardroom. From the looks of things they will think they’ve cracked it with a top notch product, but Karen’s contorted face in the 30-second-short tells another story…

The boys, meanwhile, claim to have reinvented “the binâ€?. But after last week’s success story with the “This Is A Busâ€? bags, judgement is well and truly withheld.

Watch the trailer for The Apprentice episode two below…or save yourself and watch it in full on Wednesday 28 March, 9pm on BBC Two.