What the Hell is.. 4seven?

Is this a new rap group?
No my friend it’s Channel 4’s new catch-up channel. Pretty cool name though don’t you think? It’s a play on the popular phrase ’24/7′ you see? Oh how we laughed..
Yes I get it. Very clever..
Yes well anyway, the channel will be launching on 4th July and bringing you all Channel 4’s best content from the last week..
Really? Isn’t that what the 4OD Catch-up website already does?
Kind of, but Channel 4 are insisting that the new portal is a response to viewers saying that with so much choice, they sometimes miss the best programmes despite having PVRs and access to on demand services.
Basically, they reckon they’re stuff is sooO good, that people can’t possibly watch it all when it’s on..
To be honest, they’re probably right. There’s loads of cracking stuff on Channel 4. So what’s the format?
The focus will very much be on content that created a ‘buzz’ – whether through newspapers, social media or overnight log of comments kept by the broadcaster – in that week. The 9pm slot will be used to show the programme that aired on Channel 4 at the same time the previous day, the rest of the programmes will be reruns of the most popular ones of the week and weekends will be devoted to multiple repeats of the best-rated programmes of the past seven days.
What if everyone’s slagging Channel 4 off on Facebook and Twitter?
Well that doesn’t happen too often, but the 8pm and 10pm slots will be reserved for these ‘buzz’ shows and will be introduced by viewers comments – both positive and negative.
That’s brave! But I doubt my swear-ridden tweets will get any air time.
No probably not..
So where will this new channel be appearing?
It’ll be replacing the temporary More4 +2 on Sky and there’s a space saved for it at slot 47 on freeview. 47! You see because..
Yes I I get it..

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