What the Hell is.. Channel 4’s Funny Fortnight?

Recognise this lot? Morgana Robinson, Kayvan Novak, Blake Harrison and Sally Phillips star in 'Them From That Thing'
A fortnight of comedy? Have they given John Snow the rest of the month off?
All the politicians are on holiday so he may have packed up his trunks and headed off to Haven, but that has nothing to do with this.
So what’s the deal then?
There’ll be a load of new comedy coming your way for the next two weeks (30 hours of it to be precise). You’ll be getting a truck load of brand new shows, some excellent stand up and a few familiar faces returning to the channel with shows you’ve never seen before..
What’s that? You want me to ask what the channel’s comedy boss has to say? Why?! Stop looking at me like that..
Hahaha, I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about! But since you mentioned him anyway, C4’s Head of Comedy Shane Allen had this to say: “Channel 4 has been at the forefront of British comedy from day one. We’ve launched so many careers by backing new talent and have never been afraid to get in trouble all for the comedy cause.”
I’m starting to feel a bit used..
Of course I can tell you which programmes to look out for! Toast – which was written by one of the bloke’s responsible for Father Ted and stars that bloke from The Green Wing – starts on Monday, there’s brand new Peter Kaye stand-up in The Tour That Didn’t Tour and Them From That Thing has a brilliant line-up (above). Bad Sugar (from the writers of Peep Show) also returns..
Sounds great, but it would be great if they could repeat some of the old comedies. They’ve done some classics over the years..
They sure have and C4 are proud of their comedy heritage. Just to show off they’ve put this cracking tape of all their finest hits together, it’s well worth a look..
Brilliant! So will we be seeing any of these?
Yes they’ll be dusting some vintage sitcoms off in the ‘Best Episode’ and ‘Archive Treat’ slots..
Please tell me that Smack The Pony will be making an appearance?
It will be. Along with Vic & Bob’s The Weekenders and Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong’s hilarious take on Scientology in Tom Cruise: Star Stories..

Channel 4’s Funny Fortnight begins on Thursday 16th August at 9pm with Peter Kay Live: The Tour That Didn’t Tour. Check out the full schedule here..