What The Hell Is.. Foxes Live?

These little bastards keep me up all night and ransack my rubbish bin on a regular basis, what the hell are they doing on my TV?!
You’re not alone my friend, but for every sleep-deprived suburban resident like yourself, there is a person who thinks that these ginger animals are simply misunderstood cuties.
Bloody hippies. I’d be far more likely to watch this if it was called ‘Foxes Dead’.
I can see what side of the debate you fall on here, but this Channel 4 programme might help you understand these creatures a little better.
What’s to understand. They’re taking over our cities!
Well in some ways, you’re not wrong. There are 27 foxes per square mile in the UK and between 30,000 to 40,000 foxes living in our cities, but we still don’t know much about how they live. Hopefully Foxes Live: Wild In The City will change all that?
Why, what are they going to do? Get David Attenborough in?
Not quite, but using cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art tracking, they’ll be giving us a “fox eye-view” of Britain’s cities and following the critters as they roam our streets. Viewers are also invited to take part in Channel 4’s fox census.
Are you joking? These rodents are getting bolder and bolder. They attacked a child last year! We should just be hunting them!
Well technically, it is us who’ve invaded their habitat..
You what?
Nevermind. You’re entitled to your views, but hopefully after these three live broadcasts from across the country, you may have a better understanding of these animals. There are many questions that need answering: Are foxes afraid of humans? Do they steal our rubbish? And do they attack our pets?
I read about a bloke being mugged by a fox a few weeks back.
mugged off more like..

Foxes Live: Wild in the City starts at 8pm on Monday 30th April on Channel 4

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