What the Hell Is.. The River?

Is this supposed to be the latest ‘New Lost’?
ABC’s ‘The River’ has been described in such terms of late, but it hasn’t been picked up by a British television distributor as of yet..
Really? It must be bloody terrible.
Well you might think so, but there is some buzz surrounding it on the internet, where the first episodes are available on Apple iTunes after debuting across the Atlantic last week. There have been a fair few pretenders to Lost’s throne of late, but this one looks much better than The Event (which was rubbish) and Flashforward (mysteriously dumped by C4). The failure of those shows has made broadcasters increasingly cautious in this genre and might explain why broadcasters are waiting to see how this one is received..
Hmm.. So what makes The River better than those programmes? Will I actually be able to understand it?
The River is set in the Amazon and like Terra Nova and Falling Skies, has Steven Spielberg as an executive producer..
Those shows have hardly set the world alight.
True, but these things take time. This new series centres around the search by friends and family for Dr Emmett Cole, America’s answer to Bear Grylls, who is missing presumed dead in rainforest.
So the setting is similar to Lost. Anything else?
There’s also a mysterious invisible beast that howls and shakes the trees, a person who can’t speak English, flashbacks by the shed-load and plenty of shaky hand-cam found-footage. It’s debuted to positive reviews in America, where ABC have billed it as ‘The Scariest TV Show Ever’..
Obviously they’ve never seen anything with Jo Brand in it..
Indeed. So far only eight episodes have been commissioned, but we can expect plenty more and even a “UK TV airing later this year” according to Variety..