What The Hell Is.. The Sony Movie Channel?

Sony kick-off with 'Big Fish' on Thursday evening..
Another Movie Channel? Why not just save your self the hassle and join LoveFilm?
You could do that, but if you’ve already shelled out for a Sky subscription, then getting another high quality channel which brings you films has to be good news..
So this won’t be available on Freeview?
No I’m afraid not. Just like the Sony Entertainment Television (which is reportedly the sixth fastest growing station in the UK) this will be available to Sky subscribers..
And when you say “available to Sky subscribers” what you actually mean is “unavailable to the plebs”..
So come on then? What’s the big idea behind this new movie portal? That other Sony channel seems to have nothing but girly stuff on it, is this one just going to be wall-to-wall chick-flicks?
Certainly not. Sony say that the channel will cater for all movie fans with films from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Monday Nights will even be known as ‘Action Mondays’..
How imaginative. So what have they got lined up?
Donnie Brasco, The Fan, Gunmen, The Rundown and Resident Evil: Extinction will be hitting your screen at 10pm over the next month or so.
Hmmm.. Donnie Brasco is a classic. So what are they up to for the rest of the week?
Well apart from running ‘Seasons’ which focus on genres, actors or directors every Wednesday and Sunday night (first up is ‘Thriller Season’, which means films such as; The Forgotten, Secret Window and Panic Room) ..there are also ‘Friday Features’.
Alliteration. I like it..
Well quite, but basically it means that viewers will be treated to a double-bill of Hollywood’s finest from 7.30pm.
I hope they don’t do one of John Cusack.. he’s rubbish.
They’re thinking more along the lines of Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon..
Good. So when does this all kick-off?
The channel comes on air tomorrow at 5.30pm and to get things started Sony are treating us to Woody Allen comedy Manhattan Murder Mystery, Tim Burton’s Big Fish and the aforementioned Resident Evil: Extinction..
And where can I find this new channel?
Details below my friend..

The Sony Movie Channel launches at 5.30pm on Thursday 3rd May. It is available on Sky Channel 323. Sony Movie Channel +1 is available on 324.

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