What To Expect From Kids TV This Year

Uncle Grandpa

Children, parents, and families have a lot to look forward to in television this year. After a decade of producing successful children’s programmes, Turner Broadcasting has released their 2014 kids slate including new comedy shows and revamped classics.

Chief Content and Creative Officer for EMEA Patricia Hidalgo introduced a round of three new long form shows for Cartoon Network and an extension of an original show under Warner Brothers Animation Studios.

‘Uncle Grandpa’ airing on 14th April, is a new animated show involving an eccentric uncle and grandpa with magical powers.

‘Steven Universe’, airing on the 12th May at 5.30pm follows a young boy whose character contrasts the mythical members of the Crystal Gems – forming an odd yet amusing team.

‘Clarence’, airing later this year, focuses on an awkward boy who finds excitement in even the most ordinary aspects of life. The fourth separate show,

‘Teen Titans Go!’ airing in April, is based on the original Teen Titan series but presents the characters outside of their heroic trials.

Returning to classic cartoons dating back to the 1940’s, Turner is launching a redesigned series of ‘The Tom and Jerry Show’ for its channel dedicated to reruns of popular animated shows, Boomerang. The modern take on the classic presents the cat-and-mouse game in high definition, almost appearing as an entirely different show.

Another comeback is not only the three petite crime-fighters of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ but with special guest Ringo Star in the episode “Dance Pantsed”, which features the animation version of the Beatles drummer performing an original single, “I wish I was a Powerpuff Girl’.

A final addition to the programming slate is The Amazing World of Gumball airing on Cartoon Network this September along with returning hit series ‘Adventure Time’, “Regular Show’, and more.

With the aim of appealing to parents along with their children, Turner Broadcasting’s 2014 slate displays a range of new shows to entertain the kids and classics to bring the inner-child out of the parents.