Wheeler Dealers: Episode One Sneak Preview

Never trust a used car salesman, or so the old saying goes. But the Discovery channel is on a mission to prove this famous statement wrong, with the latest series of Wheeler Dealers rolling its way back onto our screens next Tuesday.

The show follows the antics of veteran car dealer , and their quest to find iconic vehicles that they can transform and sell on for a profit.

This season sees Mike doing his own ‘Italian Job’ as he travels to Trieste to buy a stunning early sports car, the Fiat Dino. Back in the UK, he searches for the most British of sports cars, the Morgan, as well as buying one of the cheapest BMW M5’s in the country. He also heads to France to hunt down one of the rarest cars he has ever bought, the classic Renault Alpine 310.

But with each bargain Mike finds, mechanic Edd has to deal with the consequences, and there’s plenty of tension and comedy gold as these two big characters take on new challenges bringing spectacular old classics back to life.

Episode one dips into the elusive world of the Cobra replica, with vastly different cars being priced from ten grand to forty grand. Crafty Mike manages to find an unregistered model with just 1000 miles on the clock, but to make it roadworthy, Edd has to work round the clock to get the car through the tough emissions testing which forms part of the IVA Test for replica cars.

Can’t wait until next Tuesday? No problem- sit back, unwind, and enjoy the sneak preview videos below:

Wheeler Dealers is on Tuesdays from 18 September, 9.00 pm, Discovery Channel