‘Who?! ..OTB’s Guide To I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here

I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here (or ‘I’m A G-Lister.. Get Me In There’ as it probably should be called) starts this weekend (Sunday, ITV1, 9pm) and we’ve put together this completely unofficial guide to remind you who will be battling it out for the jungle crown in the coming weeks. Now where’s that video of Gillian McKeith fainting?

Name: Dougie Poynter
Famous for: Ex teeny bopper with McFly
Most likely to say: “Did I mention we have a new album out?â€?
Most unlikely to say: “McFly’s come-back is all about the musicâ€?
Possible love interest: Himself.
Tragic career-o-meter: Tragic – the McFly boys are McTry-ing everything to get back into the charts!
OTB odds on winning: 5/1

Name: Crissie Rock
Famous for: Being on Benidorm.
Likes: Being on television.
Dislikes: Acting.
Biggest overstatement to date: ‘Getting on this show is just getting in is like winning an Oscar!’
Tragic career-o-meter: Desperado – Crissie who!?
OTB odds on winning: 20/1

Name: Fatima Whitbread
Famous for: Javelin world champion and olympian.
Expect to see: FW launching stick-thin Jessica-Jane across camp.
Don’t expect to see: A sexy jungle romp involving Ant, Dec and/or a javelin.
TV career highlight to date: Watching her wrap monkfish in bacon on Come Dine With Me
Tragic career-o-meter: Bronze – she needs an Olympic torch to the backside if her career’s going to get off the starting grid again!
OTB odds on winning: 15/1

Name: Lorraine Chase
Famous for: Whinging incessantly on Emmerdale.
Predicted series highlight: Public votes forcing her to take trial after, McKeith style.
Predicted series lowlight: Hearing about her bowel movements.
Holds title for worst wish made by small-time soap actress: “The one wish I have is to not make other people’s time difficult by me being irritating.”
Tragic career-o-meter reading: All washed up – Chase wants more status but the jungle will chew her up and spit her out!
OTB odds on winning: 15/1

Name: Mark Wright
From: Essex
Famous for: Tanned TOWIE heart-throb
Most likely to say: “Can I have a pe-jazzle as my luxury item?”
Most unlikely to say: Anything of interest.
Expect him to get on with: Anybody with firm breasts.
Tragic career-o-meter: Top dog – this muscular moron just needs to keep hold of his fans now that TOWIE is dead!
OTB odds on winning: 4/1

Name: Antony Cotton
Famous for: Playing Sean in Coronation Street.
Most likely to say: “This one time, at the TV Choice Awards…â€?
Most unlikely to say: “Jim Davidson is my heroâ€?
Most likely to quit because: He thought he was entering Big Brother.
Tragic career-o-meter: Cobbletastic – Corrie fans are sure to Cotton on to his jungle adventures!
OTB odds on winning: 4/1

Name: Freddie Starr
Famous for: Being annoying and eating a hamster
We would like to see: Starr insulting everyone, incessantly
Most likely to: Be selected for the Bushtucker trial involving kangaroo testicles
Most unlikely to: Get on with the group.
Best jungle fear/innuendo: “Putting my hand into a box or hole and not knowing what is in thereâ€?
Tragic career-o-meter: All washed up – this ageing Starr has admitted to needing a profile-boost – look out for his upcoming tour!
OTB odds on winning: 16/1

Name: Stefanie Powers
Famous for: Dodgy 80s American detective show, Hart to Hart.
Predicted most annoying trait: Using the word “fawcett” instead of “tap”.
Likes: Thanksgiving.
Dislikes: Yorkshire pudding.
Tragic career-o-meter: American idiot – breaking the UK aged 69 is a tad ambitious Stef!
OTB odds on winning: 22/1

Name: Jessica-Jane Clement
Famous for: Taking her clothes off, appearing in The Real Hustle
Odds on for: A rumble in the jugle with Mark Wright.
Likes: Pouting.
Dislikes: Clothing
Most likely to be kept in by: Lads and dads.
Bikini hot-bod factor: 10/10
Tragic career-o-meter reading: Naked ambition – this double-barrelled hotty will be causing double trouble with her double Ds.
OTB odds on winning: 4/1

Name: Willie Carson
Famous for: Champion jockey.
Would love to see: Sugar daddy Carson making moves on hotty Clement.
Will probably see: Carson getting kicked out on week one.
Bikini hot-bod factor: 0/10
Tragic career-o-meter: Animal – he’s going all out to get his career get back up to speed!
OTB odds on winning: 15/1