Who The Hell Is Hilary Devey (The New One On Dragon’s Den)?

Dragon’s Den returns to our screens this Sunday and there are some exciting changes to look forward to on the BBC’s bitesize version of The Apprentice..
Really? Has someone removed the turd from underneath Duncan Hammertime’s nose?
I’m afraid that the Scottish scowl to which you so crudely refer is going nowhere any time soon. No what I’m talking about is the arrival of a new female Dragon in the form of Hilary Devey..
It’s going to be a bit crowded in that Den of there’s isn’t it? Especially with all those egos knocking about..
That’s obvioulsy what the BBC thought because they’ve sacked James Caan for ‘unconfirmed’ reasons. By ‘unconfirmed’, we assume they mean ‘for becoming embroiled in public arguments with other Dragons’ and ‘trying to buy a baby from a Pakistani flood victim for £725’
What a bastard!
Well quite. Anyway if her appearances on The Secret Millionaire and Channel 5’s The Business Inspector are anything to go by Devey will be a fiesty and fun-loving addition to the Den. She’s also capable of swearing like Malcolm Tucker when the need arises..
Cracking! I like her already! But how did this bird come to make her fortune?
I’m not sure if she’d like you – or indeed any prospective business partners – if you refer to her as a ‘bird’. Nevertheless her rags to riches story can stand up to anyone’s. Born in Bolton, the young Devey left her Turkish boyfriend after discovering he was already married and moved to Leicester..
Well yes. Anyway she had a baby son to look after so she decided to start a road haulage company and after working 18 hour days for years on end while sharing a Portaloo with 40 lorry drivers, she became filthy rich. She also had to help her son battle a heroin addiction along the way..
Really? So she doesn’t mess about then. How much is she worth?
Her palletised freight network Pall-Ex has annual revenues of more than £100 million..
..And how does that compare to Paphitis and his smug cronies?
Well all the Dragons are rather guarded about their finances, but it seems that she ranks above her fellow female Dragon Deborah Meaden on The Sunday Times’ famous list, but below Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne. No one really knows what Theo really earns..
All I know is that if he really is a millionaire he needs to get that barnet sorted..
I couldn’t agree more..