Wicked! (The 5 Best TV ‘Musicals’ Ever)

Hit West-End show Wicked turns five on Tuesday 27th September and with musical TV series Glee retuning to our screens last week for a third series, we thought we’d put a list of the best ‘musical special’ TV episodes ever committed to film. Those happy-go-lucky Glee cast members have even performed a few Wicked numbers in the past and with almost 744,000 people tuning in to watch the pitch-perfect pubescents warble their way through another year of high school we think there might be a few more on the way. Any series worth its weight in DVD box sets has attempted a foray into song and dance and come out the other side with joy in their hearts and a smile on their viewers’ faces. But for some shows, all the jazz hands in the world cannot save them from becoming a bit of a musical mess. For better or worse, we have compiled a list of the must-see musical moments that TV has to offer.


Peter wants Jessica Biel and Megan Fox wearing nothing but their socks and the creepy old man wants a little drummer boy but the only present the cast of Family Guy will be getting this year is a place in our top 5. Those cheeky chaps behind Family Guy are big fans of slipping musical numbers into the occasional episode. But it is this Christmas cracker which takes the cast of the hit US cartoon series jingling all the way into our top 5.


No list of the top musical TV moments of our time would be complete without a mention of the super-sweet singers of William McKinley High. In this happy-clappy episode, with voices akin to helium fuelled hamsters, the members of New Direction commit a double homicide when they callously slaughter two popular tunes in one swipe.


This hospital-based sitcom never misses an opportunity to get a laugh out of toilet humour and this entry into our top 5 is no exception. Yes, “Everything Comes Down to Pooâ€? according to the cast of Scrubs. Just one of the side-splitting show tunes belted out by the multi-talented cast during a special musical episode of the US comedy show.


It seems that the multi-talented Buffy can fend off graveyard-dwelling demons and vampires whilst successfully knocking out a decent tune. In this musical-themed episode of the Slayer series the characters find that they unable to speak without bursting into a Broadway-style show tune. “Once More With Feelingâ€? includes a number of emotive performances from bewitched cast members including this, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s duet/duel with several of the undead.


The success of Disney’s High School Musical spawned a half-sister from hell and its name…Britannia High. ITV2’s attempt at creating a hit musical series where the cast burst involuntarily into song and dance routines crashed and burned after a matter of months. But we think it deserves a place on our list because the poor musical theatre graduates who were evidently forced into taking part in this shameful series tried REALLY hard.